I love words! I love to play with them and to search for just the right ones. Therefore, I love to translate those texts that normally make my colleagues shudder: ads, marketing materials, travel brochures. I strive to capture the feel of the original text and make it work in the Finnish language and culture. I aim to transfer the meaning of the English text into Finnish without omitting any of the information. My goal is to create a text that doesn't read like a translation but still preserves the original author's voice.

I am a native Finn, born and raised in Finland. Since 1994 I have been living in the United States, currently in California. Ever since I started to study English in the third grade, I have been fascinated by languages, so at college I chose Translating and Interpreting as my major. I graduated with an MA from the University of Tampere, Finland, in 1990. The love of working with - and for - people pushed me into the direction of Tourism, and I ended up working outside of my "learned profession" for quite a few years, through which time I was, however, always responsible for all the translation and interpretation work that occurred in the line of duty. Finally, I decided it was time to start working only as a translator and interpreter. I began freelancing in 2004 and joined the ATA, American Translators Association. I am an ATA Certified English to Finnish translator.

As a freelancer, I have worked for huge global companies and private individuals, translation agencies and fellow translators who just needed a little help, I have interpreted in legal settings, at schools, and at hospitals - and enjoyed my work tremendously. I have been using Trados since 2007.

Many people think that if you can speak another language, you can translate. However, it requires so much more to produce a good translation. You need to have extensive knowledge of both the source and the target languages and cultures, and you need to be familiar with the subject. I work together with several Finnish translators here in the US, so I am always happy to refer one of my Finnish colleagues to a client if I cannot take the job due to the fact that I am not familiar with the subject - or if the client wants to get a translator-editor team.