My goal is an excellent translation. Were you ever to find an error, I am more than happy to correct it. My clients have never complained about my translations, nor have I ever missed a deadline.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for a free quotation. Discounts may be negotiated in special cases.


Billing is normally per source word. For editing and proofreading I bill by the hour.

Extra charges may apply to: PDFs or complex formatting, text that is difficult to read, postage, pick-up/delivery and other services.

I will notify you about these in advance.

A minimum charge applies to all work.


On-site jobs are billed hourly with a two-hour minimum and in fifteen-minute intervals. Travel time is additional if the total exceeds the minimum of two hours.

If the trip requires an overnight stay, the minimum charge is eight hours per day. Travel time is additional if the total exceeds the minimum of eight hours per day. Transportation, lodging, meals, and other travel-related expenses are billed at cost or, in the case of mileage, as stated by IRS. A surcharge of 50% will be billed for any hours beyond eight in one day.

Cancellation requires a 48 hour notice


I accept payment in US dollars only. Payment can be made with check, money order or, in some cases, by PayPal, and the client is responsible for any fees associated with the payment. A $20 charge applies to returned checks.

In some cases a deposit will be required.

Payment is due in 30 days from the date of my invoice or as noted on my invoice. Late payments might incur an interest charge.