I specialize in translations in:

• Health Care

• Travel and Tourism

• Business Communications and HR

• Cosmetics.

In addition to these fields, during my over 25-year long translator career, I have translated just about every kind of a text (ads, brochures, certificates, news releases, questionnaires, web pages, etc.) in many other fields. If I ever feel I am not the right person to help you with your project, I am happy to refer you to a colleague of mine who I know will be.

I have also been told to have "a perfect radio voice", so I have ended up doing quite a few recordings as well, both from home and on location.

Most of all - to the horror of the majority of people - I love proofreading and editing. I have always enjoyed grammar and all those rules about when to put a comma and when not to do it. If you ever need to make sure that your Finnish translation is up to the standards of being published, call me!